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Specialty Driven EHR

Designed and configured for your specialty and for the way you practice medicine.

EncounterWorks is different

The “one size fits all” solutions on the market aren’t specific enough for your specialty and the specialty specific EHRs aren’t flexible enough to support changes and diversification in healthcare.

EncounterWorks has developed several specialized editions of our healthcare solution for popular healthcare sectors using our software. If your organization ever needs to add support for additional specialties, we can simply merge that functionality into your current EHR. We believe this approach makes us more scalable than the niche EHRs.


Our EncounterWorks Enterprise software technology and solutions accommodate the unique needs of practices of all sizes. Our EHR solutions help you coordinate your patients’ care and comply with healthcare reform demands. EncounterWorks has been designed from the ground up to improve practice workflow, efficiency and patient care. Our EHR seamlessly integrates your front office, back office and clinical functions to reduce redundancy and improve efficiency. EncounterWorks is a complete and certified EHR and billing system that includes the features your practice needs in one tightly integrated package.


Our technology enables us to provide more features, security and interoperability so you can focus on running your practice.

EncounterWorks can accommodate:

  • Non-Prescribers
  • Prescribers
  • Group Practices

Key Specialties

Behavioral Health

The Behavioral Health Edition has been built to handle the ongoing treatment, treatment plans, scales, grid sheets, recurring schedules, group appointments and even telehealth appointments. Behavioral Health is our largest client base so we’ve got plenty of experience in your specialty.

General Practice & Internal Medicine

This edition comes pre-loaded with modules and clinical templates to handle the wide variety of services provided in the general practice. This edition is our flagship and the core of every specialized edition that we publish.

Home Health & Skilled Nursing

The Home Health specialty edition has been growing rapidly at EncounterWorks. Our clients love the advanced scheduling and mobility of our EHR because of its ease of use while on the road. We’ve integrated features to support in-home visits and the group home setting.


The podiatry edition features podiatry specific clinical content that is used by most podiatrists. The providers ability to click and insert x-ray images directly, or draw directly on an x-ray image, is a favorite. Our products module supports DME.


The Chiropractor edition has been customized to fit the workflow of any Chiropractic Office. Streamline your office’s productivity with an all-in-one solution for handling patient data and billing. The simple-to-use sketch module, which allows you to draw and annotate on diagrams and pain maps, is a favorite among Chiropractors.


Family Medicine
General Medicine
Internal Medicine

Alternative/Holistic Medicine
General Surgery
Infectious Diseases

Behavioral Health
Physical Therapy
Speech Therapy

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Improving Healthcare is our mission. Making your job easier is our passion.

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