EncounterWorks provides training for your users through remote webinar sessions, onsite classes, or in our corporate training center. Your training is provided by certified EncounterWorks trainers so you can get the most out of your organization’s new software. We also provide on demand resources at your disposal 24 hours a day.


Initial Training

Once the system is installed & configured, it’s then time to train your staff. Here we give you two options; you can let our certified trainers provide all of your needed training, or you may choose to use the resources and tutorials in our learning center to learn and train your users yourself. You may also opt for a combination of the both. We’ll let your budget decide.


To alleviate some, or all, of the training costs associated with new software setup we provide your users with access to our learning center. Here you will find instruction manuals and tons of video tutorials that walk you through every aspect of EncounterWorks.

Note: You may purchase “Premium Training” if your staff has trouble with the “Self-Training” option.

Premium Training

You may optionally purchase formal classes with our certified trainers. We present this training in the form of webinars, onsite training, or you may choose to come to our training center in Greenville, NC for training in the classroom.

Note: If at all possible, we recommend that you select the “Premium Training” option to increase your overall user experience.

Choose Your Training Method

Webinar – We find that this is the most cost effective means for everyone and have more trainers available for webinar-based training. We remotely connect with your users and can even allow the users to interact with the software during the training. You may huddle a group of users around the screen for group training as well.

Classroom – We find that training is much more effective when users are taken out of the workplace and trained in a classroom setting as a group. This gives trainees a chance to unplug from the days duties and absorb the new training.

On-site Training – If absolutely necessary, our trainers will come on-site for your training. The cost is higher than other training methods and requires more lead time. Please ask your consultant for more details

24/7 Training Resources

All of your users are given access to the EncounterWorks learning center. The learning center is packed with manuals, video tutorials, and other resources that remain available 24 hours a day for on-demand training. Users can access these tutorials from anywhere whenever they feel the need to brush up on a topic. This is also a great resource for training new users and avoiding the cost of premium training.

Additional Requested Training

Once your system has gone live you may purchase premium training at any time by contacting your consultant.


Your EMR implementation will only be as good as the training you REQUIRE. We suggest organized training classes with mandatory attendance for everyone (including providers) before you allow your system to go-live for production.