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Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Helping you manage the healthcare of tomorrow.

Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR)

Experience one of the fastest ways to chart. Our innovative patient record solution combined with our rapid clinical notation system allows providers to get in and out of the patient chart faster than ever and still produce quality notes. Admin staff will be able to access patient demographics and billing without accessing a dozen separate screens. Do yourself a favor and check us out before you make your EHR pick.

How can EncounterWorks’ EHR benefit you?

  • Faster documentation
  • Meaningful Use Certified
  • Easier chart access
  • Improve patient care
  • Improve patient engagement
  • Improve outcomes
  • Reduce clinical errors
  • Reduce cost
  • Increase revenue

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EHR Key Features

Document, Fax & Scan Folders

When you receive a document from an outside agency you can easily upload the document, fax it in, or scan it directly into the EHR. It will be available forever and a permanent part of the patient chart. We support direct scanning into our EHR so you can scan in older physical patient charts if desired.

Sketch Forms

Enhance your digital charting by drawing on images, handwriting on forms, and allowing patients to hand sign consent forms. Mental health clinicians even let children use the sketch module to draw out feelings.

Secure Messaging

Our EHR includes a secure messaging system to communicate with your patients, outside providers, and your staff. Our system is secure and HIPAA compliant. You can even delegate your messaging to another staff member when out of the office so that no message goes unread.

Lab Module

If you elect to link your EHR with your laboratories we’ll pull the results back into the EHR and help you link them to the patient charts. If you perform your labs on-site you may also use our built-in lab management module to manage your own lab orders and results.

Visual Document Grouping

When you need to review a patient encounter you’ll appreciate our unique document grouping which lets you scroll through all of the documents on the encounter without opening a bunch of file links like other systems. It’s really like a virtual chart and unlike any EHR you’ve ever seen.

Digital Charting

Our innovative patient overview screen shows the patients entire medical overview in one easy to read view.


Prescribe controlled and non-controlled medications directly from the EHR with just a few clicks. Our system provides drug interaction, allergy, and formulator checks. We’ll even prompt you if a generic or discounted medication is available. Everything is recorded in the EHR and the patient portal for reference.

Clinical Decision Engine

EncounterWorks features an advanced clinical decision engine that can be programmed to notify clinicians when patients need immediate or routine care based on other information entered into the chart. If a clinical rule is triggered your staff and the patient can be immediately notified so that proper actions can be taken.

Rapid Notes

Rapid Notes is a one of a kind notation system that allows providers and clinicians to generate notes quickly and professionally. Our built-in automation pulls in patient information and content selections to eliminate redundant typing. Includes group notes capability with the option to save multiple copies of a single note. Your finished notes can be generated with your company logo and signature line for a very professional look.


Empower your patients by allowing them to check-in/out and perform other administrative actions at a fixed Kiosk or portable tablet in your lobby. We’ll show you how to use the kiosk to dramatically reduce the load on the front desk staff.

Patient Portal

The patient portal enables patients to review current and past medical history, make payments, and securely communicate with your organization. They can even request appointments and update their demographic information to help keep patient information up to date.

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