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Who We Are

Improving healthcare is our mission. Making your job easier is our passion.

EncounterWorks—a Diverse Company

EncounterWorks is the healthcare division of DataGroup Technologies Inc. In the early days DataGroup Technologies Inc. (DTI) served as the technology support provider for many medical software providers. After working with many PM and EHR software vendors it became clear to us that the available systems were too limited and too expensive. Our goal is to produce healthcare solutions that make an immediate positive impact on patient care and organization management.

Intuitive Software

EncounterWorks is the result of over 11 years of development to create better software to manage your organization and your patients. We work closely with providers for input when developing new features. The result is software that is easier to use and more efficient. We are excited to be one of the “Complete Certified EHR” systems available to the health care community.

Professional, US-Based Support & Training

Our clients rave about our support and love the fact that the same team that integrates and trains their staff are the same people that will go on to support them after they go live date. Our goal is to become an extension of your organization rather than just be another vendor you have to deal with.

Find out more about your perfect Healthcare Solution.

Improving Healthcare is our mission. Making your job easier is our passion.

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