Televisit Solution


Telemedicine is becoming more and more mainstream in healthcare and greatly improving patient engagement. Providers can use this technology to video conference with patients for a number of purposes. We are seeing telemedicine used for diagnosis, therapy, monitoring, coordination, virtual referrals, and even patient education. EncounterWorks has integrated teleconferencing directly into the EHR so now it’s even easier to see your patients.

  • Increase access to healthcare
  • Improve patient engagement
  • Increase access to specialists
  • See more patients
  • Treat immobile patients
  • Grow your market area
  • Reduce travel
  • Decrease cost
  • Increase revenue

Main Features


Integrated Scheduling:  Schedule patient video visits (televisits) and meetings directly from your EHR. We’ll send the provider (host) and the patient an email invitation and place the appointment on the calendar with an indicator that the appointment is a virtual appointment.

waiting-room-64Virtual Waiting Room:  When a patient arrives for his/her virtual televisit we place them in a virtual waiting room where they hang out and wait for their provider. When the provider logs into the EHR and clicks the join button the meeting begins.

stopwatch-64Real-time Meeting Status:  When your patient enters the virtual waiting room the calendar and the status page let you know the patient has arrived. The provider can see that a patient is waiting and the front desk can see a real time account of how many meetings are in session and with whom.

training-room-64Supports Group Sessions:  Our Televisit module doesn’t stop at one-to-one chat like other products. We’ve built in group meetings to support group therapy sessions and health education. You can even use this module to hold staff meetings with remote offices.

stafftree-64Instant Meetings: Many times, you may need to conduct an emergency session with your patient or another colleague. We’ve recently added the ability to quickly start a meeting and invite participants.

download-64Local Recording Option: When your video session is over, you are presented with a chance to download the session recording. The recording can then be attached to the patients medical chart if desired.

awards-64HIPAA Compliant: Most free video conferencing services and many premium systems do not meet basic HIPAA requirements. Our integrated solution is covered by our standard Business Associate Agreement for legal compliance and all video streams are encrypted to protect the privacy of you and your patients.

devices-64Mobile Friendly: A web meeting will work on just about any modem device that has a camera. This anywhere access helps reduce no-shows.