Get Paid Faster

EncounterWorks has a complete billing solution integrated directly into our EHR.  Our intuitive system will help your billing staff get your claims out faster or you may choose to use our billing service partners to do your billing for you.

  • Easy to manage billing
  • Bill claims faster
  • Less billing errors
  • Get paid faster
  • Supports cash payments
  • Credit card processing
  • Easy patient billing
  • Increase patient collections
  • Easy to understand reporting

Main Features


Integrated Billing System:  Complete billing system integrated into the EHR. Billing is automatically calculated based on the codes used on the fee sheet, in your notes, or from a superbill.  You’ll never have to transcribe billing codes again.

superbillAutomatic Billing: 
 EncounterWorks provides several ways to automatically bill services based on predetermined fee schedules.

creditcards64Payments Module:
  The quick payments system allows your staff to easily accept and distribute cash, check or credit card payments. Patients can also make credit card payments from the portal or from the kiosk in your lobby.

graphs2-64Billing Reports:  Our billing reports will help you keep track of where your money is going and how much is owed by each patient and each payer. Our handy end of day report will let principles know what the daily earnings are each day.

perclick-64Claims Manager: 
From the claims manager you can send claims to any payer that accepts electronic claims with a few clicks. Paper claims can also be printed if necessary. Each claim can be scrubbed for common errors before submission. If you choose to use our clearing house, you’ll be able to submit all of your claims for the day with one click.

payments2-64ERA Management:
 ERAs are easily managed from within the system. ERA payments are automatically posted to each patient balance as they are received into the system. We’ll also maintain a record of each ERA for use in tracking claim issues later.

staff-graph-64Accounts Receivable: 
Your patients can receive customized statements monthly and will be able to make payments toward the account online if enabled. If a patient is delinquent you can put the account into collections which will automatically notify your staff if the patient attempts to obtain more services before the balance has been satisfied.